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Developing an understanding that the entire community
shares responsibility for educating every citizen.

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Early Childhood


  • SmartBabies Early Childhood Initiative
    • Waco Foundation has embarked on a long range comprehensive plan that seeks to take the next steps in implementing positive change in the most vulnerable and at-risk-areas in McLennan County by coordinating a strategic plan, bringing awareness to the community about the importance of early childhood education, reaching out to parents and other systems that affect families, and serving as a liaison between parents and schools.

      The goal being to ultimately ensure that all citizens have the early childhood environment that is necessary for a happy, productive life as a citizens, future workers and leaders in this community. For more information, visit their website.

  • Pre-Kindergarten White paper
    • Anticipating budgets in McLennan County school districts, the Education Alliance released a white paper on the importance of keeping full-day pre-kindergarten, even without the state's grant program funds.

      Click here to download the PDF of the full paper.

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K-12 Education


  • Greater Waco Superintendents' Shared Vision
    • Through the collaboration of education leaders such as Dr. Tom Norris and Dr. Jerry Maze of Region 12 and Dr. Jon Engelhardt of the Baylor School of Education, area superintendents were engaged to write their own vision that would include a succinct summary of their collective aspirations, a description of what would be accomplished in 10-15 years.

      The invitation was taken up with enthusiasm by a group of Greater Waco superintendents and through several meetings and drafts, a Greater Waco Area Superintendents Shared Vision has been written.

      Greater Waco Community Superintendents' Shared Vision Statement (pdf)

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Career and Technical Education


  • Business League Career and Technical Education Initiative
    • The CATE Initiative is a two-pronged effort provide awareness to young students about the career and educational options beyond high school while benefiting local businesses by providing a qualified workforce. The initiative has three phases. In Phase 1, a committee looked at the current educational programs. In Phase 2, the committee determined that parents were the path to educating students about post-high school opportunities. A DVD was developed that gives an overview of the available educational programs in the Waco area.

      Phase 3 involves dissemination of the information the initiative developed.

      For a copy of the DVD, contact Harold Rafuse of the Business League.

  • P-20 Council
    • The purpose of the Heart of Texas P-20 council is to assist all levels of education to continually improve programs and services, create and sustain opportunities for all students to achieve post-secondary education goals and support the economic vitality of the region.

    • The Heart of Texas P-20 Regional Council is comprised of six counties: Bosque, Hill, Falls, Freestone, Limestone and McLennan. Their mission is to assist with collaboration of education, business and community to maximize the utilization of resources, programs and services for all students, while encouraging a culture of life-long learning. Currently, the Council offers professional development training sessions on College and Career Readiness.

      For more information on the council, contact Becky Musil, Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives at Texas State Technical College.

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Quality of Life


  • 2009 Childhood Quality of Life Index
    • In 2009, the Foundation commissioned a study by the Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition (TECEC) which developed a central baseline for understanding the current condition of the youngest residents in McLennan County (access the full report here). This study looked at various risk factors, which resulted in the development of an Early Childhood Quality of Life Index (QLI).

      Numerous indicators were calculated that related to health and behaviors of at-risk mothers: teen births, prenatal care, fetal deaths, infant death rate, low birth rate, and preterm births. Overall, out of a 100-point scale, using the 12 risk factors most closely linked to a child's health and educational development, McLennan County has an average quality of life score of 41.67%.

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Community Resources


  • Community Success Indicator Reports
    • Central to the success of the Alliance, is its ongoing assessment process designed to determine the degree to which progress is being made toward the following key Alliance assumptions:

      • Reading on grade level by grade 3 is critical to future education success
      • The foundation for K-12 mathematics is laid in the early years of elementary school
      • All youth must graduate from high school, overcoming challenges that discourage academic engagement
      • All students must be prepared for postsecondary success by the time of their graduation from high school

      Each year the alliance completes a Community Success Indicator Report to assess the degree to which progress is being made toward these assumptions and to identify alliance priorities for the upcoming year.

      2011 Community Success Indicator Report (pdf)

      2010 Community Success Indicator Report (pdf)

      2009 Community Success Indicator Report (pdf)

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