Greater Waco Community
Education Alliance

4901 Bosque Blvd. Suite 290
Waco, Texas 76710
Phone: 254-741-0081

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Developing an understanding that the entire community
shares responsibility for educating every citizen.

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Goals and Strategies

Core Goals:
  1. Send children/youth to school ready to learn.
  2. Ensure students graduate fully prepared.
  3. Ensure student post high school success.

  1. Engage and mobilize the community to reach the goals.
  2. Use research and data to inform strategy and measure success.


Assumptions: The expectation of the Education Alliance is that our community will best equip students for meaningful work as adults by ensuring children fulfill the 8 Assumptions below. In 2006, in the early, informal stages of the Alliance, a diverse group of community advocates began informally meeting to discuss concerns about educational challenges area students face. Research was conducted to identify milestones in a child's life, birth to twenty-two, that lead to adult achievement. Assumptions were made that focusing community resources on these milestones would best ensure development of a community pathway for student achievement.

Eight Assumptions:
  1. Develop learning readiness and social skills before entering school (ages 0–4)
  2. Read at grade level by the third grade (ages 5–8)
  3. Master math concepts (ages 9–17)
  4. Are aware of and plan for postsecondary education opportunities options (ages 13–16)
  5. Expect to graduate and are optimistic about completing high school (ages 13–19)
  6. Develop a plan for accessing financial resources to reach education goals (ages 13–19)
  7. Graduate well prepared for careers and college education (ages 17–19)
  8. Succeed in reaching post-high school education goals (ages 19+)